UK Leisure Living


The founder Gareth Jones was motivated to create a business that could provide a stable income in contrast to his previous business in the turbulent energy market where business growth is dictated by Government grants. Instead, Gareth wanted something that was a business where he was the only person that would dictate his success. Moving into the leisure sector was the best thing he has ever done as the industry is very much a normal business in that you buy something and sell it and make a profit so if you are really good and provide a great service, then you succeed. However, he faced a number of challenges such as trying to get credit facility to help cash flow as a new business was difficult. The development of the holiday sector has contributed to the growth of the firm and it quickly secured a number of key contracts when it was launched. The company also sells good quality products that are well priced for the Welsh market and it prides itself on giving the best service possible.

Success Factor

The three main success factors have been the booming staycation market, a growing appetite for hot tubs and more focus by people in investing in their own homes rather than moving and UK Leisure Living has exciting plans to build on these over the next few years to substantially grow the business.

The Future