FlyForm was born out of the dream of co-founders Arron Davies and Phil Davies of making a positive impact on the world through the power of technology. Using the power of ServiceNow, they want to help more organisations across the UK and Europe to improve efficiency and productivity through better IT processes.

Success Factor

People have always been the engine that drives FlyForm’s operations and success and staff are not just the workers who share their talents but also individually contribute the personalities and life lessons that add up to the company culture that it has today. The team is a cohesive combination of all members’ individualities and that’s what makes the FlyForm difference. As the company keeps expanding, it has been a top priority to maintain a healthy cash position and retain a cash cushion to help accommodate the ever-changing client demands. Every investment decision – from a new system to a new office – is considered carefully, with regards to their potential impact on the company’s financial health in the long run. It was thanks to this fiscal responsibility and the financial cushion that Flyform was able to weather the setbacks from COVID-19 and keep the team and operations going strong. Its services can only be as good as the product it represents and FlyForm stands behind the best B2B cloud solution on the market. With ServiceNow, it can confidently serve clients and meet their IT transformation needs because they have a powerful tool to rely on. As ServiceNow continues expanding its global presence with an annual R&D budget of hundreds of millions of dollars spent on new innovation, Flyform believes in the vast potential of aligning with the product to serve many more customers across the country.

The Future

As a Welsh company at its roots, FlyForm is confident that there is still a lot of potential to be tapped into in the Welsh labour market. That’s why it is planning on expanding its headquarters in Wales and building up a workforce of up to 100 within the next 12 months to explore the pipeline of existing and up-and-coming technical talent the market has to offer. It will also be expanding its operations into more areas of the UK to introduce itself to a broader client base and help more organisations do great work with ServiceNow, especially in maximising the potential of the platform to help more organisations power their operations.