Countrywide Hearing


With one in 6 people have hearing loss and this is estimated to increase to 1 in 5 by 2035, the private hearing aid market is set to grow year on year. In particular, private hearing aid claims are anticipated to be around 10% of the annual market and insurance companies have been lacking in the specialist knowledge to properly validate these types of claims. This is why the business was established by husband and wife founders Ben and Trine Davies who had specialist audiology knowledge which enabled them to offer a bespoke and unique solution for this unmet need in the insurance sector.

Success Factor

Being without a hearing aid can be extremely stressful for the wearer, and the end goal is to ensure that the user has the correct replacement hearing aid in the shortest amount of time possible, along with lifetime aftercare. For those clients who feel vulnerable without their hearing aid, Countrywide Hearing accelerates the time taken to replacement, or offer loan aids. All of this is done whilst navigating the insurance company through a complicated market and ensuring that clients receive the best care at a competitive price. The business has been fortunate to be able to work with extremely resourceful, creative and innovative people who have totally engaged in its vision to be the market leader in the sector. Ben and Trine have put a huge amount of effort into attention to detail, visiting and revisiting its claims process to ensure the offering cannot be rivalled by any competitor. Where larger companies may find it challenging to change their processes, Countrywide Hearing’s ethos has been to provide an ever-evolving system so that clients’ preferences shape operations. This agility has been a key factor in the company’s success but has also allowed it to adapt to the challenges from Covid-19.

The Future

Countrywide Hearing will continue to develop our core service with more insurance companies over the next five years, with year on year growth and even more audiologists.