CCS McLays


It was established when the founders identified that there was no consolidator within Europe focused on retail and recognised a demand that was not being fulfilled and built a solution to satisfy this. Within the last few years, CCS McLays has been awarded several major contracts with larger retailers throughout the EMEA region. It has also acquired further warehouse facilities within South Wales and London in order to continue operating at a time of fast growth.

Success Factor

Entrance into the food, catering and pharmaceutical sectors of the retail industry has allowed the firm to diversify its overall offering and to maintain sustainable competitive advantage whilst there has been a greater emphasis on making PPE and hygiene supplies available to its ever growing client base since the start of the global pandemic. CCS McLays continues to bring expertise into the company (in most instances locally) and has a good balance of youth and experience.

The Future

It is well positioned for growth having invested heavily in quality people, an IT infrastructure and improvements to its online ordering platform for clients. It will also continue to benefit from increasing warehouse facilities and logistic capabilities with global reach. It has moved into packaging manufacturing, as part of a joint venture with IG Design Group, giving a solution that is unique to the marketplace namely environmental packaging that is made in Wales. It will also be looking to expand its knowledge base into GNFR (goods not for resale) and consumable supplies specifically for health authorities and local government. Being in Wales positions the business well in that it is away from many of its competitors that offer consolidation and packaging solutions. It has kept the firm as an industry secret to an extent although intends to be perceived as a well-known success story in the coming years.