Before the firm entered the market in 2014, CashCalc founder Ray Adams identified that the current offerings of cashflow software were very often too complicated and clunky. If the advisers themselves were finding it difficult to understand the system and outputs, then their clients will likely understand them even less. He found there was a significant gap in the market for a powerful yet straightforward and easy-to-understand cashflow software which can benefit both advisers and their clients.

Success Factor

CashCalc prides itself on its engagement with users and each feature released has been designed with them in mind and a priority was ensuring an ease-of-use and ease-of-understanding for users and their respective clients. That priority has not changed and is still at the forefront of each new development and feature that is added to the software. Recently, it has been focusing on eliminating the need for advisers to rekey data by redeveloping its digital Fact Find and integrations with a number of back-office systems. Now clients are able to input their own financial data which increases accuracy of information with that data pulled into CashCalc and then pushed into an advisers back-office system without the need for them to key any data at all. It is now looking to make the client onboarding process and ongoing engagement easier by introducing new features including a secure Client Portal which will soon bring with it link sharing, secure document exchange, and secure messaging.

The Future

CashCalc is looking to build upon its well-established platform and become the driving force in changing how the financial advice industry works by best serving advisers’ clients and giving them the best advice possible for their situation. This will be achieved by streamlining the client onboarding process, securely communicating with them, providing world-class tools to assist advisers in planning and explaining to the client how they plan to implement the advice going forward.