Avondale Motorpark


The business was set up by James Crees whose father Anthony was known as one of South Wales top motor traders. James was raised being involved in his father’s business, saw his father as a great role model and wanted to learn the business from grass roots up. He began his career as a valeter for his father’s business and then got more involved with buying and selling before starting his own dealership.

Success Factor

Quality of stock has become a key factor in the success of the business as customers increasingly require high end quality and specification for their money. James spends many hours trying to source vehicles which have all the luxury he himself would expect as being essential such as Sat Nav, Bluetooth and air conditioning. James also prides himself in being able to offer customers an extremely competitive price by sourcing vehicles to purchase and price checking through various advertising platforms to get the best re-sale price. Every member of staff at Avondale plays an invaluable role within the company and it has valeters which take pride in their role to ensure the vehicle they assigned to is in showroom condition, an onsite mechanic which checks each vehicle thoroughly and spots any potential issues that needs to be sorted before customers view and test drive, and a sales team who have vast knowledge of all the vehicles on site in order to give the customers all the information they require before purchasing. It is a powerful cycle which keeps the business running smoothly and continue to grow.

The Future

Avondale’s major plan for growing the business is to relocate to a larger premises where everything that it outsources at the moment can be achieved under one roof including bodywork and paint, MOTs and servicing, valeting and sales.