One Team Logic


One Team Logic was founded by Martin Baker and Mike Glanville (who previously worked together for eight years as Chief Constable and Assistant Chief Constable of Dorset Police) and Darryl Morton, who leads the software development and information security arrangements for the company. From their experience in both policing and in education, Martin and Mike could readily see the enormous issues facing schools, head teachers and governing bodies in relation to safeguarding. They identified a gap in the market and a need for a robust and secure solution which teachers and staff would use. One of the biggest issues facing MyConcern in the first three years was that it predominantly solved a need in a market that is notorious for having incredibly restricted budgets and resources. A number of trail-blazing schools put their trust in the firm and invested in this innovative solution and as a result, others have followed with 92 per cent of customers now willing to recommend the firm

Success Factor

A number of factors have led to the growth of the business including the increased need for electronic record keeping systems in safeguarding and child protection as the range of safeguarding risks being encountered by children and young adults has grown exponentially. The company has also been able to scale up the technology that runs MyConcern to ensure that it can continue to effectively support the growing traffic that it now receives, employing an exceptional team of highly skilled IT professionals that supports child protection experts who have extensive safeguarding knowledge and who are relentless in their efforts to keep children, young people and those at risk safe from harm. This sets One Team Logic apart from competition and allows it to offer exceptional safeguarding products and services to a global customer base.

The Future

One Team Logic will continue with its vision of delivering world leading safeguarding solutions to customers as well as forging the way to establish a global safeguarding industry as a category in its own right. Within five years, there is the aim of establishing safeguarding best practices in a number of other industry sectors ensuring that young people and adults at risk will be better protected whilst those responsible for their safety will also enjoy better peace of mind.