Godfrey Group Facilities


The founder Andrew Godfrey had always had a keen eye for efficiency and productivity and has always focused on the detail to strive to ensure he deliver on what he promises. The work ethic that has carried him to the position he now holds is a built-in tenacity as he left school without any qualifications, working hard from a young age on building sites. This experience, along with his father’s belief in him that “you make yourself what you are through work” gave Andrew the confidence to chase the area of business where he felt most comfortable. The biggest challenges in business are making companies believe that you are the right company for them to entrust their workload to and this is only achieved by the repetition of keen pricing and hard work. Complying with all of the policies and procedures that protect staff and the business when the firm is in its infancy is a huge juggling act especially as founders have to take on all roles.

Success Factor

GGF has implemented the use of innovative technology that ensures leisure resorts as well as housing sssociations all comply with their health and safety responsibilities to their guests. A considerable number of holiday parks do not have a safety trail to audit their smoke alarms, CO2 alarms and not only does GGF not only clean for them but also qualifies holiday lodges for health and safety at the same time whilst being more cost effective than them employing their own staff. GGF spent its early years learning that it needs to do well which has created a solid business model where everything it does is standardised.

The Future

GGF is now on a sure footing in terms of ability to grow and the time is right to push for more contracts on a national level. To do this, it has employed a new business development manager who will ensure that companies become aware of the business, know what they do, and that there is a focus on delivering this service to a high standard that is cost effective. The objective is that within a five year period, all major park operators will know the firm and have GGF as their trusted contractor.