Countrywide Hearing


The motivation for starting Countrywide Hearing stemmed from the knowledge that one in six people have hearing loss and this is likely to increase to one in five by 2035 and, as a result, the value of the private hearing aid market is growing year on year. In addition, almost 10 per cent of all private hearing aids are lost annually. The founders had the specialist knowledge needed to offer a bespoke solution for this unmet need in the insurance sector. The main challenges gaining access to key decision makers within insurance companies, having IT systems that were compatible with the needs of the insurance companies they were working with, and developing protocols and procedures as required by some of the UKs largest insurance companies

Success Factor

The key success factors are attention to detail, namely visiting and revisiting the claims process to ensure the offering cannot be rivalled with insurance companies’ clients being at the heart of everything the firm does. With large companies finding it challenging to change their processes, Countrywide Hearing can compete with any national competitor whilst customising processes for individual clients. Finally, the firm is learning from others by seeking out people who are good at things they are not good at!

The Future

The plans for the future are to continue to grow sales year on year over the next five years. Countrywide Hearing is expanding its recently refurbished premises and will be working with more clients.