Delsol Ltd


Whilst gaining experience within the industry, the founders identified the need for a reliable, cost effective logistics company that would provide a “One Stop Shop” for business customers within its area, an opportunity to purchase the company presented itself and the foundations for Delivery Solutions were created. Delivery Solutions (Delsol) Ltd decided to compete with and outperform the many global delivery companies that operate within the sector. The aim is to provide a quality driven, cost effective collection and delivery service that meets or exceeds all of customer expectations. Perhaps the biggest challenge faced during the start up years was the Fuel protests and subsequent fuel shortages that were experienced during September 2000. During this period a calculated decision by the directors to install and bunker their fuel allowed the company to continue service when other major players in the industry ground to a halt.

Success Factor

Employing the best has been critical to the company. As a small business, the founders realised the way to keep customers happy was to provide a personal service. Drivers are friendly and helpful and the customer service staff are always at hand to help. Delsol doesn’t hide behind voice mail or digital answering machines and customers are always able to speak to someone if they need information about the whereabouts of a parcel or pallet, get advice on a transport solution or discuss new business. The company also has the ability to adapt quickly and change to the current business environment with a willingness to embrace technology and seize opportunities when they arise. Finally, the firm has an efficient and effective accounts department with tight controls on expenditure, up to date management reports and accurate billing systems to the customer.

The Future

The plans for the future are to establish the depots in Caernarfon and Sandycroft as the service sector recognised, reliable, cost effective logistics provider to industry and the private sector. The founders recognise the importance of employing knowledgeable local people and providing them with the tools and skills to help grow the business further, a new website has recently been launched to allow the development of a Delsol Shop featuring branded corporate items and an online booking facility that encourages non account users to access services on a “pay as you go” website portal. With an industry wide shortage of trained HGV drivers looming due to the ageing current driver population and the failure of the freight transport organisations to encourage younger people into the industry, Delivery Solutions are looking to their current Non HGV drivers within the business to undertake the New Driver CPC examination, this will enable them to step up in their careers to drive the larger fleet vehicles and encourage a new line of smaller vehicle drivers to start in the business and learn the delivery drivers craft.