Sgiliau Cyf


The motivation behind Lindsay Evans’ decision to start the business was the opportunity to provide young people that are marginalised and disaffected with inspirational activities that will engage and help them develop new skills, confidence and motivation as well as improve their self-esteem.

Success Factor

Part of its success is down to the fact that it has never relied on the normal recruitment methods from referral agencies for young people but has been pro-active in using a range of social media platforms to reach out to disengaged young people. The dynamic nature of social media promoting what the business does on a daily basis and acting as ‘shop front’ has been key to its growth. Sgiliau has also developed a superb team of people who are all self-starters. The business have a fairly flat structure and everyone is encouraged to self-manage working towards business targets. This requires self-discipline to manage the autonomy everyone is given and whilst it is not for everyone, the individuals that embrace this culture have been pivotal in the growth of Sgiliau. They must want to do more than just do the job and have to care for the young people they work with and these qualities have been key in Sgiliau’s growth.

The Future

For the future, Covid-19 continues to disrupt the education, development and careers of young people and in response, Sgiliau will actively look at the emerging ‘opportunities’ that must follow to help support young people who will be heavily impacted upon due to the fall out of the pandemic.