PHG Consulting Engineers


The business was set up by Pierre Grigorian, and Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer who had been a salaried director in a medium sized firm of consulting engineers in Cardiff for several years. Following disagreements with respect to the final cost of succession of that business, he set up PHG Consulting instead. The firm has since grown organically, establishing a very highly regarded reputation in the industry.

Success Factor

Originally focusing on structural engineering, the business has grown since an experienced civil engineer was persuaded to join PHG as a business partner and the combination of the two elements led to far larger commissions and a doubling of turnover in the next two years. Other benefits included a sharing of the workload of the directors was shared and enabling a management structure to be put into place to allow for future expansion.

The Future

As well as moving to a new larger office in a more central location that will include a small conference facility capable of hosting events, the directors also plan to set up a second related company undertaking two separate aspects which include new research and development and housing developments to undertake on a carbon zero basis as the firm’s skills in engineering can be used to de-carbonise new housing developments. This can only be done by engineers who understand first principles of engineering and PHG will be removing carbon intensive materials such and concrete, brickwork and blockwork from the process as much as possible to enable this. The plan is to start modestly with its own developments and then once a tangible product can be shown, to go into partnerships and joint ventures with housing associations to produce such housing on a wider scale. PHG may also look to open a second office in London in due course and plans to look at overseas opportunities wherever they may arise.