Central FM Group


Having worked in Wales for many years and in many sectors and roles, the founders became aware of a gap in the market for a Welsh based facilities management company that could truly be called a one stop shop and one that could save managers from trawling the internet and spending many hours listening to sales presentations.

Success Factor

The company has succeeded through the engagement of experienced senior staff who have a proven record with the banks, an in-depth knowledge of the industry and a proven track record in management. The business also has a strong business and financial plan that can be delivered in the time scale (which is backed up by strong financial governance) and has recruited good staff who are well rewarded and who buy into the vision of treating clients with honesty and integrity. The Central FM Group listens to its customers and operate in an open and direct manner that builds trust, respect and loyalty between its team and clients. Providing exceptional service to customers is the firm’s number one priority and it is passionately committed to understanding what customers want and providing them with outstanding solutions and service. They are actively looking for better ways of doing things in to improve the value it delivers to customers and is committed to attracting and developing the best people it can.

The Future

The growth of the business over the next five years will be through developing its current customer base, creating new service offering to customers and developing a sales strategy which, in turn, will help grow the customer base across South West England and Midlands.