Boss Brewing


When Sarah John co-founded Boss Brewery, she knew she had all the attributes – grit, energy, hunger – to do it for herself and so turned a passion into an enterprise. She could see that the brewing industry was still male-dominated so her ‘why’ from the outset was always about showing that women could not only do it just as well, but even better.

Success Factor

Sarah’s background as a sales professional means that getting the product to market and creating commercially viable products to enable that has always been the absolute focus. As a result, Boss Brewery already has Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, the Co-op and Lidl as customers. It has also carved out an incredibly unique, stand-out brand identity even having its own comic book universe where all of the characters are based on people at the brewery, winning design awards for this brand ID. The business lives and breathes the brand across every platform and with every interaction with customers, having a strong sense of who they are (which people in turn want to belong to). Finally, its high quality products has won over 40 beer industry awards in five years and it has been the title-holder of CAMRA Champion Beer of Wales for the last three years in a row.

The Future

The plans for the future are to grow its pub company relationships, expand into more international territories whilst growing its existing retail accounts and gaining new retail outlets. It will also look to increase its e-commerce business, including launching with Ocado and Amazon by the end of 2020 whilst growing its own webshop at the same time.