Advanced Carpentry Solutions


Advanced Carpentry Solutions was set up to provide a higher-class professional service to clients.

Success Factor

With Wales having the fastest growing construction sector in the UK, this has helped to facilitate the rise of ACS to the top of the carpentry industry in such a short space of time. This has provided ample space for businesses to scale up and expand and there is also room to create new products or services and corner the market with less rivalry. The Cardiff Capital Region City Deal also aims to unlock sites that have stalled, invest in projects that will deliver housing in areas where it is needed most, generate construction activity, jobs and sustainable developments and enhance the long-term growth prospects and competitiveness of the region through improved infrastructure, increased connectivity and regeneration.

The Future

In the future, ACS will predominantly focus on the private and public housing sectors with the Welsh Government setting a target of 20,000 new affordable homes by 2021. ACS is currently affiliated with BM Trada, the market leader in testing, inspection and certification services and currently undertakes the installation, certification and maintenance of fire doors under their supervision. With new fire regulations constantly coming to light and the need for these services becoming more apparent year after year, ACS is on the lookout for new technologies and procedures to incorporate into its ever-growing skillset and aims to make an entry into the firestopping sector.