Vizolution’s suite of innovative products was born from a problem affecting complex remote journeys, initially in the financial services industry, which typically suffered from high costs and high customer drop-off rates. As banks had orientated journeys around business need, rather than to meet evolving customer expectations, journeys would often take place over several poorly connected steps and across multiple channels resulting in both customer frustration and business inefficiency. While other technology providers may provide a single-trick solution to solve individual problems within a journey, Vizolution is unique as it offers a truly end-to-end platform that streamlines a journey from the first purchase or service enquiry through to resolution. A major challenge faced during the first three years of operation was proposing a solution that, contrary to popular CX opinion, advocated a combination of high tech digital solutions with high touch in-person interactions, when companies were then promoting self-service portals and autonomous approaches to customer services such as chat bots and AI.

Success Factor

Vizolution’s innovative technology is low risk, with a tried and tested technology that works first time, every time. It is robust, secure and scalable with a disciplined implementation approach that is endorsed and accredited by major global enterprises. It’s easy to deploy with initial roll-out in as little as six weeks, no IT required on the client side, and can be implemented and integrated without changes to existing technology. As such, Vizolution doesn’t compete with other call-centre or omni-channel solutions, it complements them. As a white-label solution, it is completely customisable and comes with Vizolution’s implementation support and its extensive know-how in journey streamlining. Upfront investment is low and ongoing pricing follows a competitive software-as-a-service model.

The Future

Vizolution will continue to create innovative and effortless self-service platforms while also exploring the opportunities offered in all the different industries that require interface between customer and agent, including insurance, telecoms, utilities, automotive, pharmaceutical, travel and healthcare industries. In the next 18 months, it plans to scale across different regions and markets, and continue to acquire new clients in Europe, North America and South America.