TrakCel was established as a joint enterprise between AwenID, a technology company spun out from Swansea University and Biotec Services International, a specialist provider of ultra-low temperature-controlled supply chain management services to the biotechnology industry. TrakCel’s vision was to use the expertise of their founders to create a technology-driven, collection-to-administration supply chain management platform for the orchestration and efficient management of cell and gene therapies at clinical trial and commercial scale. The challenges faced in the first three years of TrakCel revolved around educating the market that there was a need for the TrakCel platform, as firms relied upon manual (paper-based) process to track their drug product throughout the supply chain. Another challenge has been scaling to cater for international demand. TrakCel has grown from a small office in Cardiff to now occupying three buildings with additional offices in the USA.

Success Factor

The TrakCel platform was the first of its kind in the cell and gene therapy industry and significant investment in product development means that TrakCel is one of only a couple of platforms that can cater for three of the major advanced therapies in the autologous therapy, allogeneic therapy and personalised cancer vaccines sector. In terms of market growth, the cell and gene therapy industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years with major pharma companies entering the market. Two drugs now have regulatory approval and are showing strong clinical efficacy. CAR-T therapies have now been offered in the UK with the United States and Asia Pacific regions also showing significant market growth. Finally, by continually investing in the best talent, TrakCel has strengthened both its product offering and industry knowledge by building strong relationships with customers, end users and complimentary service providers such as logistics and manufacturing companies.

The Future

The company will be continuing to invest heavily into its product development and has recently announced the appointment of a Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Additional integrations with complimentary service providers will continue to drive demand and increase access of the platform to users internationally. TrakCel has built a partner ecosystem of connected companies and is regularly running partnership networking events to educate the market on the benefits of an integrated supply chain. TrakCel will also be looking to develop its service offering outside of the product in customer service and project consultation. Opportunities to expand the product into emerging markets such as the Asia Pacific region will also be explored.