iTeach (Wales)


Many years of industry experience had proven to the founders that there are lots of companies who can sell a product but very few can provide a solution. iTeach (Wales) prides itself on offering the best solution possible rather than focusing on shifting boxes. The major challenge it faced was finding like-minded people to join the team that were brilliant with technology and also excellent communicators. It’s easy to find a technician (with literally hundreds of people applying for positions) but finding the right person has been the key to the firm’s success.

Success Factor

The three key factors in the growth of iTeach (Wales) are an excellent, focused team who put the needs of the customer first , the ability to adapt quickly when opportunities have arisen and fantastic support from Barclays Bank

The Future

The goal for the next five years is simple namely to make each customer a “customer for life” by continuing to deliver an exceptional service. The firm is increasing its product portfolio by aligning ourselves with key partners that are constantly opening up new opportunities to grow. These new partnerships are starting to pave the way for iTeach to cover all of the UK which is an exciting new step for the business.