Founded in 2013 by two technologists James Smith and Stephen Thair, DevOpsGroup was born with the belief that a real difference could be made to the way companies delivered IT services by putting people, process, and technology at the heart of digital transformation. Established with a vision to build a world where people are better connected with technology to drive positive change, DevOpsGroup has grown to provide the expertise from over 100 engineers and consultants to global blue-chip enterprise and scale-up business In partnership with Amazon and Microsoft, DevOpsGroup delivers industry leading engineering solutions and through its academy DevOpsGroup is training hundreds of people each year, giving them modern skills which in turn is helping their organisations to thrive in the digital economy.

Success Factor

DevOpsGroup has built an amazing team that delivers world class work, accelerating the adoption of Cloud at scale and transforming the way organisations work. Its engineers, coaches and consultants help organisations build and run modern cloud platforms to accelerate digital transformations and upskill their teams to create confident digital practitioners within their organisation. The extensive knowledge of cloud and devops has accelerated speed-to-market and increases customer relevance for organisations of all shapes and sizes. DevOpsGroup puts its people at the heart of everything it does. The firm’s purpose is built on the right behaviours of creating an inclusive and safe workplace, putting customers first and insisting on the highest standard is embodied by the whole team and is a critical element of making it stand out from the competition.

The Future

As an acknowledged industry thought leader in the DevOps movement, DevOpsGroup is looking to capitalise on its first-mover advantage by expanding its core capabilities and position itself to continue to exploit the rapidly expanding “digital transformation and managed cloud services” markets. Its proprietary methods, based on experiences gained from working across multi-sector clients, give the business significant credibility in the market and provides a key point of differentiation from other “traditional” IT consultancies and Global Systems Integrators (GSIs). The management team has clear intent to build a high-growth and innovative consulting business