CDSM Interactive Solutions


As young professional teachers at the turn of the 21st century, it was clear to the owners of CDSM that the digital revolution was going to have a significant impact on teaching and learning. The prescient question at the time was whether they took a role in the revolution or just be a passenger of it? As conscientious educators it was an easy decision although the professional challenge was to participate as commercial business owners - a role that the founders of CDSM had no prior experience of. The distinct challenges to the business in its first three years were business development capability; cashflow management; and identification and retention of quality personnel.

Success Factor

CDSM has an unwavering conviction and commitment to the development of an excellent product set that genuinely supports and enables high quality learning and development. The maturation of Thinqi as a class-leading, proprietary technology, utilising open-standards, that out-performs others, reliably operating at an unprecedented scale, in challenging connectivity environments. International sales development via commercial partnerships has given CDSM a platform to operate effectively and compete against larger international ed-tech brands, especially by developing relations with channel partners that can effectively promote and manage the firm’s brand and business. CDSM has also learnt over time how to identify effective personnel and organisations that represent value to the business. Finally, being the prime contractor for The Welsh Government’s Hwb project means the firm now has a digital blueprint for success when working with ministries for education

The Future

Whilst it will take considerable investment, CDSM aims to grow its international education business and its UK and US commercial corporate business. It will also continue to develop a great working environment for its people, develop its brand, story and service quality so that customers become the firm’s champions; and evaluate complementary digital learning and assessment products and services that add value to existing accounts and new customers