A&R Cleaning Services


The business was started by Rayner Davies who left school with one qualification and by 19, had two children and was living off benefits. She went in to providing care work although she had a burning desire to prove to herself and to others that she wasn’t just a teen mum supported by the benefits system. When Rayner was 23, she decided to go self-employed and borrowed a £1,000 off her parents to set up an ironing service. Within four months her business had taken off and Rayner was able to give up her care job and soon clients were asking her to provide a cleaning service, which she did and continued to expand. In 2010, she was joined husband and business partner Ashley and A&R Cleaning Services was then founded. During their time growing, A&R Cleaning Service the business has faced many challenges and sure have been on a roller coaster journey, with Rayner suffering with depression from a young age and both having very little business knowledge starting up, they both put their heart and soul in to working hard and creating a fantastic brand. Some other challenges the business has overcome has been shortage of staff, customers going into liquidation and owing the business a considerable amount of money and the sheer stresses and demands of being available 24/7.

Success Factor

All staff are directly employed and trained in house, using the best cleaning methods, along with industries leading cleaning products. A&R Cleaning Services prides itself on delivering a service that is not just a cleaning service but one that 100% understands individual customers and their business needs. Finally, having the right processes and systems in place has meant that the firm, throughout each stage of growth created an exceptionally strong foundation. Staff have always been fully aware of roles and responsibilities meaning each member of the team takes responsibility and there is accountability for each area of the business.

The Future

The plan is to reach a turnover of over £5million, create further jobs within the Welsh economy and become Wales’ number one choice for commercial cleaning and security services. This will be done by becoming more focused on some of the larger contracts such as multiple floor office buildings, shopping centres, comprehensive schools and factories in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bridgend and surrounding areas. It also has a strategic plan in place to expand security services to new and current clients and look at increasing the total amount of services each of its current customers receive.