2buy2 was set up by Rob Kissick with the support of his brother -in-law, Russell Stables. With both being practicing Christians, 2buy2 was initially created to support churches by helping then reduce their operational costs through access to competitive suppliers and procurement support. This in turn would free up resource that could be spent benefiting their local communities throughout the UK, including supporting youth workers, soup kitchens and other worthy causes. There was a shared underlying motivation that businesses should be more than just about making money and that 2buy2 should contribute to society in a wide variety of ways and have a clear social value. As with most start-ups, the significant challenges in the early days were time and cash, yet through commitment, hard work, strong leadership and support of a great team 2buy2 has grown from an idea discussed during the Christmas holidays of 2008 to currently employing 35 staff.

Success Factor

2buy2 is passionate about excellent customer service and has experience in working with clients from multiple sectors and diverse backgrounds. It was awarded a contract in 2011 to establish and run Parish Buying, the Church of England’s and Church in Wales’ online procurement service. Eight years later, 2buy2 continues to run the service with over 17,000 registered users ranging from small rural parishes to large cathedrals. It also won a £1.76 million Department for Education contract in 2017 to pilot a procurement service for 900 schools in the NW of England and, in 2018, launched Maintenance Booker, a service helping churches, chapels and historic building throughout England and Wales access quality building maintenance to support the long term maintenance of these historic buildings

The Future

2buy2 has set itself a number of goals year goals to transform itself into a major provider of procurement services over the next five years. This includes a focus on sectors neglected by other professional procurement providers, establishing a flexible IT procurement platform that can give smaller organisations without professional procurement staff the skills and tools to be able to manage their procurement well and has a 2buy2 academy that delivers a continuous supply of excellent people to work for 2buy2 in accordance with its values and methodology.