With the directors’ vast experience in the recruitment industry it was time to take all the experience and the knowledge they had gained from previous posts and recruitment businesses and put them together to make what they felt to be the right way to recruit, source and provide valued and indispensable tradesmen to the contacts they had gained along the way. One of the key factors that will see success in any recruitment consultant are the relationships they build along the way in their careers and with that the want to ensure the provision of the most reliable, hardworking and prestigious tradesmen to clients. Pier Consulting is seen as a business that will strive and work very hard to provide the best possible tradesmen it can source for the correct environment its clients are working in, motivated by being the best that it can be.

Our main challenges when starting the business

One of the main challenges Pier Consulting faced was building a reputation with no reputation to start with. Some of the most well established companies can sell a product solely on the reputation their name carries. A brand new company, a brand new name falls into insignificance against the renowned competitors who have years behind them. The construction recruitment industry is a very saturated market with literally dozens of other construction recruiters going after the same business, and so Pier needed to be able to stand out from the crowd and the team at Pier has worked hard to make the it a company of process, ensuring that mistakes are minimised and things are done properly.

Success Factor

The determination and loyalty from staff members who stuck by the company during harder times and have dug deep with determination to survive in a hugely competitive market and provide the best service they can when the working days have continued well into the night. In addition, the investment from those staff members of their own time ensured those hard to fill bookings were filled, but filled with the right workers, that the database grew and that the confidence and trust grew from clients that Pier Consulting’s service was one they could trust. This has resulted in a growing confidence with clients that the business puts its all into every order it receives,

The Future

Pier Consulting have some big plans for the upcoming years and is looking to open a small office in early 2017 in Bristol and a small base in Swansea where more concentration can be dedicated to building a reputable database within those areas along with a busy client database. It also has a number of other great ideas and businesses that will be pieced together throughout 2017 with each division complementing each other in some way to add as much value to clients and workers as it possibly can.