The company was established in Swansea in 2010 in response to the growing problem of nuisance calls in the UK. Ofcom figures at the time revealed that approximately 85 per cent of people in the UK received nuisance calls with 70 per cent of phone owners saying they had been victim of a phone scam – despite them being registered on The Telephone Preference Service. At that time around £7million a year was being lost to fraudsters via ‘vishing’ scams, rising to at least £23.9million in 2014 alone.

Our main challenges when starting the business

The company faced three major challenges in the first three years of business. The first challenge was to invest considerably into product development to ensure it could offer a suite of CPR call blocker products to suit all budgets and needs. The second centred on its aim to fully validate its products before taking them to market. This resulted in pro-actively working closely with key police forces and trading standards to pilot the product and its effectiveness. This resulted in CPR Call Blocker gaining Police and Trading Standards backing as a tried and tested product. Thirdly, as it expanded into the export market, language barriers, cultural differences and local telephony standards have presented challenges. To overcome these issues, CPR reacted by investing heavily in developing a product which has technology compatible on a global level and by appointing country managers for each new market territory who worked closely with the indigenous business consultants to understand the peculiarities, culture and needs of each foreign market.

Success Factor

Having validated its products through pilot projects with police and trading standards, CPR Global Tech had a tried and tested product that was ready to go to market. Initially, the product sold well via its own website but over the following 36 months it was listed on Amazon UK (2010), achieved UK-wide listing in Tesco, Argos, B&Q, Maplin and Homebase (2011), became the best selling product of its kind in the UK on Amazon (2012), listed on Amazon US (2012), become the best selling product of its kind in the US on Amazon (2014). This approach has helped CPR to become the global best selling call blocker, selling over 200,000 units worldwide since 2013 and preventing an estimated 1 billion+ nuisance calls globally since 2013. By far the biggest factor supporting growth has been entering global markets, in particular the US. In terms of overall importance to the company, exporting has allowed CPR Global Tech to grow and strengthen over the last three years in particular with an increase in employees and an expansion into new, larger premises in Swansea. 

The Future

In simple terms, exporting is vital to CPR Global Tech. In the last year, overseas sales have accounted for 75 per cent of the company’s total revenue, up from 44 per cent in 2015. Successfully exporting to countries such as the US, Canada and France has opened up opportunities in other markets. There is currently a major drive to push the product in Mexico and other Central and South American countries. CPR is also at an advanced stage of building relationships with government organisations and relevant charities in its foreign markets with its on-the-ground consultants provide invaluable strategic advice and assistance in building these relationships in their native tongue.