The business was started off the back of the founders previously working full time for a leading financial services provider. Having received advice from a number of (expensive) consultants, they saw an opportunity to create a business that was focused on providing targeted, expert consultancy services at a reasonable price to businesses. They were very lucky within the first three years to secure work with some excellent clients, most of whom are still active clients today. The major challenge it faced was mainly around the recruitment and training of staff that fitted the ethos of providing absolute expertise. Some of the people they originally took on and upskilled have now found themselves in roles at companies like RBS, IBM and ASOS.

Success Factor

Yard Digital has genuine expertise and because of this expertise, it has established itself as a trusted partner for clients, as well as a viable option for new clients. Its innovative approach also provides opportunities to work on new projects with clients and provide additional services to clients.

The Future

Yard Digital plans to grow a consolidated number of services and sell these in to additional clients. This approach will allow the business to grow over the next five years whilst maximising profitability at the same time. Additionally, it will continue to innovate and use the growing team of software developers to exploit additional opportunities in this area.