Travel Booker (Cardiff)


After working overseas for many years (including Andorra), the founders had a passion for the travel industry and love skiing and being in the mountains. Whilst working in Andorra, they realised there weren’t any websites offering helpful guides for tourists visiting there so created a tourist information website which they then monetised and expanded to offer booking services for travel to the resorts of Andorra. They have constantly struggled against the perception of banks that the travel industry as a whole poses a large risk therefore getting credit for the initial booking system development was difficult, even though they could show a competent business plan with a detailed industry knowledge. Despite sustained growth this struggle has continued with the finance sector although the business overcome this by working with partners who specialise in the travel industry.

Success Factor

Travel Booker is a very agile business that easily adapts so they have been able to change processes as required to attract new customers. They know the industry very well and have therefore created a product they are confident meets the needs of their customers. Finally, they regularly review how they operate to make sure they are doing things in an efficient manner, both as a business and in how the websites operate for customers.

The Future

Travel Booker is currently working on the re-design and development of its Andorra Resorts websites which means the business will be able to better serve customers who use mobile devices to access websites. This will allow it the opportunity to take advantage of the high growth in usage of mobile devices for accessing the internet. Its other growth area will be in developing its websites into foreign languages allowing the targeting of visitors to Andorra from other countries, although this presents challenges in being able to continue to provide a high standard of customer service in multiple languages.