Smart Development (Newport)


The main motivation for starting the business was a perceived lack of quality training provision in the waste industry. As the business grew on the back of this, the consultative approach that Smart takes with clients has stood the company in good stead and it has relationships across a number of sectors and with a number major brands. The greatest challenges have been around managing the rapid growth in terms of systems keeping pace with the change and balancing the recruitment needs against the overhead costs. As the business has grown, it has had to be agile enough to change in terms of what it offers and how it delivers in line with the customer requirements and the change in the market place

Success Factor

Work based learning contracts in England and Wales has enabled Smart Developments to offer its services and experience on both sides of the border. This has been evident with Lloyds Banking where the firm initially working with them in Newport and its now have cohorts in Cardiff, Bristol, Andover, Manchester and Copley. Its flexible approach to delivery has proven successful with clients and they work closely with them to build a programme that works for them and delivers what they need. Finally, the relationship with Smart Solutions Recruitment has meant access to a client base that already has a relationship with the brand.

The Future

Smart Development will continue to develop its business through new routes such as customer service, business administration and information technology. It will also look to replicate the English pre-employment model in Wales and develop greater collaborations with external bodies such as local universities.