Mona Lifting (Llangefni)


The motivations in starting the business were fairly simple namely to use the skills, knowledge and experience of the founding members to establish a quality engineering and lifting equipment company in the North Wales area. Another strong motivation was to provide employment for local people, and to prevent work opportunities from leaving the area. The main challenges faced by the company during the first three years were, initially finding and adapting a suitable premises for the business, requiring both workshop and office space. The founders were also faced with the challenge of having to find alternative customers following the demise of Anglesey Aluminium (though thankfully they managed to increase and diversify their customer base following this) Finally, Mona Lifting has had to ensure that everything it does is compliant with legislative & regulatory demands.

Success Factor

Mona Lifting works hard to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest possible standards for quality and service, thus gaining an excellent reputation with customers, meaning the business has been positively promoted via word of mouth. E-mail marketing campaigns have also shown to be a very effective promotion tool, especially when paired with providing prompt responses to any enquiries that they may generate. Finally, accrediting its management system to ISO 9001 has also been effective in helping the business grow as it provides new and potential customers with a level of assurance of the quality of the firm’s work. It has been an essential tool to facilitate operations in the nuclear engineering market.

The Future

Moan Lifting will increase the marketing of the business through regular email newsletter campaigns and utilising various social media platforms as an additional way to interact with customers. It has recently extended its yard and built a dedicated facility for blasting & industrial coating. This makes Mona Lifting the only company in the locality with the capability of fabricating, blasting and coating all under one roof. This has also enabled the firm to increase capacity and more importantly ensure the quality of the finished product. It intends to expand its management structure to further improve planning and quality functions so as to provide a smooth running manufacturing operation. There is also an investment in FEA analysis software design capability in order to provide clients with a full range of services so as to be able to deliver turnkey projects.