Healthcare Matters (Wrexham)


Family was a major motivation for Healthcare Matters Managing Director Phil Spiby in setting up a new venture in 2005. Following a heart attack that forced him to leave his job as Operations Director at a major manufacturing company, Phil was looking for something he could set up and develop along with his son and daughter and eventually, his grandchildren. A family business was always an ambition, and Phil looked for a franchise that would be sustainable and had the potential to grow. He identified the healthcare sector, as people are living longer and need more care in the home. He started up Essential Healthcare as a franchise, and company grew from strength to strength. They soon left the franchise behind and became Healthcare Matters. There were many major challenges during the first three years of business including that the original franchise business model was flawed and the recession obviously meant people/organisations were not spending money and so the market was extremely competitive.

Success Factor

In essence it’s very simple – the company does what it say it is going to do. It works in an industry where every phone enquiry involves the needs of a human being, a person that needs something the firm can provide to make their lives easier or more comfortable, and they never forget that. This approach to service and the fact this is instilled in the ethos of the business has gone a long way to ensure the firm’s success. The firm’s staff have been a major contributory factor to its success and the ethos of the business is to remember that at the end of every request for repair, every request for the hire of equipment and every phone call taken, there is a person who needs working, functioning equipment. All staff have bought into this and have helped the firm to deliver the very best service at all levels.

The Future

The service side of the business includes repairs, maintenance, servicing and the delivery of rental equipment. Currently, Healthcare Matters is increasing the area that it operates in and has recently opened a depot that will be used as a base for engineers and will enable the firm to provide a rapid response service further afield. It is also attempting to develop its own range of products working closely with the manufacturers and is keen to develop long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers.