Fix Training’s inception was a “we could do it better” conversation between the founders Jacqui and Helen in 2007 that led to the establishment of Fix Training Ltd in 2008. The economic climate in 2008 was not welcoming with the UK in recession and the economic forecasts were gloomy. These harsh economic times turned out to be an advantage for Fix as companies focused on quality, the business impact of training and ensuring a return on investment. Fix decided early on not to undertake marketing campaigns that listed all the training they could do and instead took a different approach by working with individual businesses and developing training programmes that met their specific needs. This approach to programme development and marketing through referrals meant that Fix built the business based on proven results, a reputation for quality and providing return on investment. This is a strategy that has proven to provide solid foundations for continued growth and a business that achieves the aspirations for quality, effectiveness and value for money that Jacqui and Helen envisioned back in 2008.

Success Factor

Fix Training delivers quality and is constantly evaluating every aspect of the business to ensure that it continually improves and evolves by embracing new technology, listening to client feedback and being up to date on research, sector specific requirements and economic drivers. In terms of impact, it takes the time to develop programmes that meet clients’ needs and ensure that the training delivers the knowledge, skills and behaviours that benefits the individual and the business providing measurable impact and return on investment. The founders are very proud of the calibre and professionalism of the Fix team. As a business that understands the tangible benefits of training, it invests in its own staff providing a range of training and development opportunities. From achieving IIP Gold to the Workplace Health Award, this ensures that Fix is as enjoyable, professional and rewarding to work for, as the business itself is to work with.

The Future

Fix plans to continue their investment in technology, innovation and high calibre staff in conjunction with maintaining its sector knowledge and commitment to quality. This will ensure that as the training landscape evolves, Fix continues to focus on the business needs of their clients and provide exceptional training solutions. It will expand the training programmes offered in response to various requests from existing clients, and also intends to expand into international markets. Key to current and future success is the absolute commitment to Fix’s mission statement and to demonstrably improve the effectiveness of organisations through the delivery of training that empowers, informs and inspires.