Cable Services Group Ltd (Wrexham)


The business has come a long way since operating out of the founder’s home and garage in September 1971. Cable Services (North West) Limited was established by the late Joe Williams in 1971 with his wife Lily who took on the role of Company Secretary and his daughter Jean who later became Financial Director and is currently the Chairman. With a background in general electrical wholesale, Joe’s vision was to form a business dedicated to giving customers excellent service and offering a finite range of cable and accessory products. This was an innovative move away from the general wholesale market to develop a specialist business that would meet the demands of cable and accessory products suppliers wanting a more focused sales and customer service approach.

Success Factor

The Cable Services Group has always dealt with a finite range of strong branded, specialist products backed with long standing distribution agreements. It has been smart and gained a competitive advantage by “commoditising” products – bringing them into the distributor portfolio and away from the manufacturer direct sell, for example, utility cabling and 132kv joints, terminations and accessories. In addition, the whole structure of the specialist electrical distribution business has changed and the company has been wise enough to anticipate the changes – it identified a gap in the market and has become the total logistics solution for some of its key customers and also some key customers of its competition. Finally, the product portfolio is recognised around the world and this is being turned to the firm’s advantage, entering new and emerging markets, mainly through enquiries via the website that has been recently updated and some over the top branded packaging!

The Future

The Cable Services Group will continue to grow the business year-on-year, whether this is additional products, expansion or acquisition. It will invest in infrastructure and will double the size of its distribution centres in the next 2 years. It has the drive, ambition and desire to succeed. The managing director has empowered the team to speak out because they all have an important voice and it will be heard. All staff are encouraged to share thoughts and ideas, communicating freely without hierarchy. If a good idea is forthcoming, the thinker is encouraged to take ownership and to take it through to a proposal. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone’s idea come to life. The company has a young and dynamic team of Directors and Managers and we work well to help each other at every opportunity. The Cable Services Group has evolved from humble beginnings and although it is an SME by definition, big company thinking is encouraged – the management team all share the vision the managing director has for the business and really want to be a part of it.