Williams Pm Electrical (Cardiff)


The main motivation for starting the business was to achieve something for ourselves. Before the founders started the business, they had spent many years working for other companies, watching their businesses grow and decided to start their own business with their own ideas and be their own boss. They wanted to provide a unique service and be a step above competitors and having worked in the industry, they had experienced many of the pitfalls that companies face and had their own ideas on how to overcome these issues should they face them in their own business. They didn't plan for the business to grow as quickly as it has but as the business grows, they quickly adapted, setting new targets and they continue to achieve and exceed them. The major challenge was managing the growth of the company and managing the expectations of clients. As the team grew, it was essential that the right management structure was put in place to control the main factors, e.g. Health & Safety, Quality & Costs. Through recruitment and retention of good quality staff members, the business goes from strength to strength and it now has a robust, efficient team who continue to address all issues and deliver the work successfully whilst making a healthy profit.

Success Factor

Since the inception of Williams PM, the long term company objective has been to expand its areas of expertise. In early 2013, a new mechanical division was launched within the business and this has since proven to be a fundamental contribution to the growth of the company. Throughout the duration of the last 12 months, the company has continued to develop outstanding relationships with existing clients and this has been recognised as a huge contribution to the maintained growth of the business. - over 80% of its current schemes have been delivered through existing clients. Another factor that has hugely contributed to the rapid growth of the business is the new Boiler Scheme Grants that have recently been launched by the government. Unprecedented numbers of householders within the area took advantage of the scheme to improve their heating systems and reduce their heating bills. Williams PM benefited greatly from this scheme as it raised awareness of energy efficiency whilst creating many new business opportunities within the industry.

The Future

The long term company objective has been to develop the business in to new divisions, increase its client base and to be recognised as one of South Wales’ leading mechanical and electrical companies. A key growth strategy over the next five years will be to continue to do more of the same, ensuring that its expertise, reputation and client base continue to grow. The company will also focus on new market sectors plus expand its regional coverage that will enable them to work on many more high value prestigious projects.