Vibrant Energy Matters (Blackwood)


The motivation for starting the business was mainly due to the founders’ passion to help tackle fuel poverty (a big problem in many parts of Wales) and climate change, but also to create jobs in their home town of Blackwood, South Wales. They recognised that the energy efficiency sector would soon thrive so they set about creating a business that would not only prosper, but also assist in the fight against these huge global challenges. However, following the recession of 2008, there were several challenges including difficulty in obtaining bank finance, reduction in house sales (where the company got the majority of market from) and the removal of key legislation after the 2010 general election threw the industry into disarray. As a result of this, the senior team had to quickly realign the business to ensure it continued to prosper and lead the way in this changing sector.

Success Factor

A key factor is a highly motivated, creative and pro-active management team who have been responsible for setting incredibly high standards within the company. There is a real passion for customer service that has been combined with the use of leading technologies to provide unrivalled service levels to clients. The ability to navigate the business through a new and changing market was a vital ingredient in realigning the business goals to fit with new legislation and customer demand. Due to the lack of available funding from traditional high street banks, VEM was forced to consider other options that eventually led us to some great corporate investment deals and corporate shareholders. Finally, the founders believe it is important to continually reassess your journey to ensure it remains a viable path and your self-belief and desire hasn’t disguised what has become an unviable quest.

The Future

VFM has a strong three year business plan that will build on its current success and will continue to invest in staff and technology to ensure it maintains the cutting edge stance that has served the company well in this dynamic market. Several new ECO and Green Deal contracts have been secured that are now starting to bear fruit and, overall, the future looks very bright for the company and the wider energy efficiency sector.