Round Electrical Distribution (Gaerwen)


Ian Round, the founder, had worked for wholesalers for many years and had always wanted to start his business. When the the company he was working for at the time was going into administration, it was a case of working for someone else or taking the plunge and starting on my own. Major challenges faces initially were gaining the support of firstly the banks as well as from suppliers, who as a new business were wary of offering credit accounts. Another major challenge was trying to entice customers to the new business rather than to the other established wholesalers in the area.

Success Factor

Working closely with the local council authorities and suppliers to build relationships has led to the business being awarded Anglesey Houses Electrical regeneration projects. By only dealing with suppliers with good reputations, Round Electrical Distribution is now known not only as a supplier of lower end goods but high quality products at competitive prices

The Future

The company is currently developing an ecommerce website and will be looking to expand the business by opening new outlets in the future.