Retail Merchandising Services


RMS consists of an ambitious team of retail people with a huge amount of professional kudos and experience and with enormous know-how, flare and imagination, the founders believed that they could make a difference to the retail industry by offering a unique set of tools major retail businesses could take advantage of. The motivations lie in stimulating change, driving for perfection, being new and innovative, and above all being commercially appealing. What’s more, as individuals as well as a team, the RMS team were thirsty for increased prosperity, not just for RMS, but also for Wales. Their formula revolves around hard work and determination, delivering quality services with quality people. RMS is not the finished article, not by a long way, but its drive to become a Welsh success story is enormous and, as such, despite the challenges of not being established and having notable competition, its enthusiasm cuts the mustard and now more so than ever, puts the business into serious contention.

Success Factor

The company has been built on powerful ‘core values’. Simply put, it believes in building long-term relationships, in working as team, in driving for achievement and most of all, in being honest. The second factor is the recruitment and retention of quality people - most of those that make up RMS have been with the business since the beginning and as people tend to stay, and as such, their knowledge and experience fuel the firm’s pedigree as a quality service. The third factor is what can only be described as the ’X factor’… simply having an enormous dragon’s heart in contending for business. Far from being the underdogs, waving the Welsh flag has done the firm the world of good, allowing it to acquire around 40 per cent of business from outside of Wales. Simon Cowell would almost certainly put the business through to boot camp!

The Future

RMS is aware that are there are lots of things they need to do to become bigger and better. From time to time, its plans will no doubt be tweaked but as at today, its intentions are to consolidate the service proposition so that it’s even firmer, more dependable, relevant, wanted and preferred. With this as a rock-solid foundation, the firm will then focus on sales and marketing, positioning RMS as a Welsh business with international appeal. Finally, it will aim to strengthen its people, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of numbers. In fact, the team aims make RMS an employer of choice for the Welsh economy by recruiting a further 150 people by 2018.