Morgans Consult (Cardiff)


In August 2013, Morgan Signs rebranded to Morgans Consult as a major stimuli in the next phase of growth for the company. Over recent years, the company has evolved resulting in the need to remove the restraints imposed by its original branding and superfluous business strategy. The rebrand allows the company to further enhance its standing as a rebrand implementation specialist, whilst enabling further expansion of the services and products provided to the large portfolio of blue chip clients.

Success Factor

The firm’s recent growth is largely attributed to a management restructure that has resulted in the wholesale review of the company’s sales department, production facility and human resources. A new vision was introduced to the company, transforming its approach to three key areas. A review of the sales department has resulted in a proactive approach to the procurement of work ensuring that the company works with businesses that align with its beliefs and appreciate the high quality and service levels Morgans Consult endeavours to provide. A review of the products and services offered has ensured the company is utilising its strengths and specialist skill sets. As a result, there has been increased efficiency and quality in the products and services provided and have seen significant growth in these areas during the last two financial years. Increased awareness of staff needs and strengths has been a key driving factor to ensure the implemented changes have proved successful. Morgans Consult aims to invest in its employees to identify and allocate specific strengths that can help drive the company’s growth. Continuing to develop its employees’ skills is a key target for the company moving forward.

The Future

The company’s growth in recent years has been based on the restructuring and maximising of existing skills and resources, therefore negating the need for excessive inward investment. Following further growth and a period of stabilisation in 2013, the future strategy for progression involves an increased recruitment drive allowing the company to provide an amplified volume of output. This shall coincide with a sustained period of inward investment and expansion as part of a wider strategy enabling the company to increase its appeal to a larger market.