Gerald D. Harries And Sons (Narberth)


The motivation for starting the business came from a desire to provide a customer service and it has faced many challenges and as it has evolved so these challenges continue. From the initial plant and haulage business, the first major challenge that faced the business was the purchase of a quarry in 1998, especially in terms of planning permission. In developing the tar plant, the challenges were numerous including locating a customer base, securing planning, repayments and gaining experience in an unknown field. In 2011, the biggest test to date became a reality with the purchase of the assets of F H Gilman, which was inspired by the professionals that were now surrounding the business and whilst a huge leap, was one that has benefitted the business immensely

Success Factor

The main factors that have led to the growth of the business are the purchase of initial quarry in 1998, the installation of a tarmac plant in 2008 and the acquisition of a business out of receivership. The latter led to new opportunities that have subsequently been realised, such as becoming a recognised name in the quarry industry

The Future

Whilst a West Wales company, the firm’s desire would be replicate the West Wales operation across the M4 corridor. The founders believe that they are only at the start of their journey and opportunities as they present themselves as well as those they create will help Gerald D Harries and Sons to achieve its aspirations