Dawnus Holdings (Swansea)


The Directors of Dawnus had worked in the construction industry for many years and, through their experience, believed that the model practised by the majority of contractors, that of using subcontractors to deliver their works, was failing to deliver finished projects to the quality standards demanded by clients, on time and to budget. Dawnus was therefore founded on the principle of using direct labour and plant holdings to deliver their projects, which allows us to provide greater control over issues such as cost, quality, safety and environmental performance. The major issues faced in the first three years included securing finance, securing opportunities and winning bids for major projects, and attracting the best employees.

Success Factor

The major factor that has contributed to its success is the company culture, where the company invests in its staff at all levels, and creates an atmosphere where all staff are committed to delivering its projects to the highest standards. It invests heavily in training and developing staff, and providing opportunities for long-term careers at all levels. It has also been important to attract the right people to work for Dawnus, and to invest in providing fulfilling careers and development opportunities for all staff at all levels, from site operatives to senior management.

The Future

Over the next five years, Dawnus aims to continue to grow its turnover, aiming for an annual turnover of at least £250m by 2015. It aims to expand business operations while maintaining the company culture that has been crucial to maintaining the growth to date. Dawnus also plans to expand its operations both geographically, securing work in both new UK regions and overseas, and into activities complementary to its construction operations.