DataKom (Bridgend)


The motivation to create DataKom was to give customers a dedicated ‘business only’ telecom company with a fresh approach to technology and embrace the latest services to pass on to customers whose needs were constantly evolving. The major challenge has always been planning as being part of a fast growing industry means that the firm’s products, prices and services are changing so quickly that it is very difficult to detail plan ahead over 6 months. DataKom therefore always plans three months ahead only on some services to combat this.

Success Factor

The first and most important to the growth of the business has been the team. The founders have aimed to create a ‘dream team’ in each department and keep the team close by constant social events and training to further their prospects and ensure everyone works closely together. When choosing the services or product that it will be supplying to clients, DataKom always ensures it is of the highest quality, highest reliability and meets the needs of customers. Finally, all profits have been reinvested back into the business that ensures constant growth throughout. As a 100% debt free business, this ensures it has no borrowings to consider in its decision-making.

The Future

The founders believe that six years on, they have found a winning formula and with increased marketing, they expect to see continued growth. Due to the fast growing nature of the sector, planning 6 months ahead, let alone 5 years, is difficult. However, there is an ambition to open a North Wales office while expanding the West & South Wales offices further to treble its current sales turnover. The business have also recently released its own ‘mobile network’ called DataKom:Mobile & therefore expect to see huge growth in this area and hope to achieve 3000 subscribers within five years.