Crystal Group (Newport)


The business was created in 1999 by Steve Baker who wanted to create a business that was structured to deliver high customer service and satisfaction. Crystal was set up with the client and staff in mind, with the incentive of utilising over 50 years personal experience in the cleaning and support services sector and create a company that could deliver an outstanding service. A working philosophy of the company is ensuring that they ‘get it right’; being a smaller firm allows Crystal the freedom to cater efficient services to its clients. The major challenges that Crystal have faced include; business development; starting a business from scratch, the lack of funding support, which meant that the company had to use its own resources in order to establish themselves as a new business. Crystal also experienced difficulties in trying to attract the right clients to a new organisation. In order to build their reputation in the early start up days, the company relied rather heavily on the old Crystal brand to help bring in business.

Success Factor

In August 2013, the company announced that it would be launching three new areas of services to cater to more clients across a wider range of sectors. In addition to its core cleaning services business, the company has created additional divisions in security, environmental management and building maintenance in a strategic move to drive the company forward. In addition, Jamie Davies joined the business in August 2012 and now assumes total responsibility for the running of the company, bringing with him a wealth of experience having been in the support services sector for more than sixteen years. Together, Jamie and Steve have a clear vision for company, with over 50 years combined experience in the cleaning and support services sector. Finally, the Crystal brand brings with it longevity and a rich heritage; and is a brand that is recognised as a leading cleaning brand in the Newport area. The heritage of the Crystal brand has aided in the reputation of the company as it exists today; attracting new clients and maintaining long existing relationships with organisations.

The Future

Crystal hopes to build on the new services divisions; establishing them as a strong corporate arms of the company; which will strengthen the core Crystal brand in return. The business will be concentrating their efforts on the new divisions, putting great emphasis on the quality and ensuring consistent client satisfaction.