Chromogenex Technologies (Llanelli)


The firm's technologies can have a beneficial impact on people’s lives. Its systems offer a safe effective treatment for a wide range of dermatology conditions as well as cosmetic enhancement. This is a very large and growing market and the goal is to be a dominant player in the global market offering innovative technology. Chromogenex has grown by 45 per cent per annum over the past three years and aims to be one of Wales' most successful companies. high levels of regulatory challenges have had to be overcome and as the business operates in a fast changing market, there is a need to be innovative and quick to market. Achieving both of these has been a challenge. There has also been competition from cheap Chinese copy systems although they are of such poor quality that the company focus is on demonstrating the quality of a UK designed and manufactured system commanding a premium price.

Success Factor

The three main factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of the company are new product development, Geographic expansion with focus on emerging markets as well as direct sales in major key markets of USA and Brazil, and committed professional employees working as a team to deliver the company's vision.

The Future

The plans for growing the business over the next five years include continuing to develop new and upgrade existing products, planning and implementing successful marketing campaigns around the world, and continuing its growth rate organically.