Chalet Retreats (Cardiff)


As a young couple enjoying living and working for others in the French Alps, and then with the arrival of their first child, Dan and Marina quickly came to the financial realisation that out of necessity they needed to work for themselves. To live life where and how they wanted to, they had to work in what involved their passion for snow and dealing with likeminded skiers. Thankfully a background in sales, guests that swapped website skills for holidays and a will to succeed has resulted in ten great ski in - ski out chalets over three of the World's leading ski resorts in only six years. The Initial challenges were financial backing, lack of web skills, the scarcity of quality chalets, French legal red tape and limited sources of business advice.

Success Factor

The three main factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of the business are the founders' dedication to provide for their growing family, living and breathing the industry first, so as to make wiser choices and understand our customers needs, and using guest feedback to guide us and changes what, and how the business does, things.

The Future

Under the snowchateaux brand, the company plans to expand into its existing and new high altitude World class ski areas but only when it finds the right chalets (full ensuite bedrooms, large comfortable lounges, hot tubs, saunas, games rooms etc) and ski out/ski in locations. This will result in in increased employee numbers and marketing spend in Wales and operationally in the French Alps. There are also plans to open up more to the mountain bike / walking / hiking / adventure sport and chalet rental market during the summer. With the ski resort interactive information website brand, the aim is to grow the skiing online community and perfecting how and what skiers want to see from an online and mobile enabled resort information portal. Once the business case is proven, it will be rolled out over individual ski resort websites growing resort specific resources for locals and visitors alike. Finally, with &, the company is finalising ties with its worldwide suppliers (Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Chile, Argentina) and will soon be releasing its worldwide ski and snowboard multi-resort trips and guided tours to south America and worldwide.