ACT (Cardiff)


Everyone is different and what suits one person might not suit another. Some people wish to pursue academic routes whereas another might prefer a more vocational, work-based option. Unfortunately, if you were the latter type of learner in 1988, work based options were few and far between. Therefore, ACT was set up to respond to a business opportunity which is still valid today, 25 years later, proven by the amount of learners that contact the firm daily to enrol onto its qualifications.

Success Factor

Managing Director Andrew Cooksley set up ACT after leaving school without any qualifications. Since then Andrew has fostered a positive environment for his staff members with ACT being named in the prestigious Sunday Times’ Best 100 places to work in 2012. Andrew attributes the rapid growth of his business to his staff members living and breathing the five core values that are at the heart of ACT: being positive and having a ‘can do’ attitude; taking pride and responsibility in exceeding people’s expectations; helping raise and realise people’s aspirations; having fun in providing a professional, safe and friendly service and showing deep respect for individuals. ACT has grown organically over the past 25 years but a formal business planning process was put in place a number of years ago to strategically manage growth and plan for the future. Continual reinvestment into resources, facilities and staff is another factor which has contributed to the rapid growth of the business..

The Future

SCT aims to deliver excellent training and learning programmes; increase awareness and improve engagement of employers and learners; have a highly effective team who strive to hit individual, team and company targets and achieve development plans, are happy at work and have outstanding and responsible contract management and performance that gain excellent ratings in learner outcome reports, fully deliver contractual targets and obligations and ensures highly effective financial and process management.