Accelero Digital Solutions (Bridgend)


The motivations for the founding directors starting the business were primarily a combination of strong technical views that software could be developed (engineered) in better ways than are quite common in the industry, ambition to work for themselves, financial rewards and some inherent entrepreneurialism. There were catalysts that brought these founding director motivations together including a wish to reduce time spent away from home working as a contractor, or managing remote teams and projects, potential redundancy if not prepared to relocate and becoming aware of new technology (specifically the Anoto Digital Pen). The major challenges faced in the first three years were matching growth of staff with growth of work, managing cash flow and getting to grips with legalities and paperwork requirements

Success Factor

The company’s focus and approach to developing software solutions has delivered quantifiable business advantage or improvements to clients. Also, Accelero has an excellent record of delivering what it says it will deliver on time, and on budget, excellent support for clients and as a result repeat business and recommendations. Finally, there is a willingness to work in partnership with others to bring products and services to market through joint ventures.

The Future

The focus in the short term is the launch and further extension of the features and functionality of EnGenero, including both desktop and cloud based versions. Introduction of new versions will further extend the reach of the product, enabling customers to design and generate applications for use on an ever wider range of operating systems and environments. The other products and services, particularly Tazio, AP Apps and Paveway each offer huge potential for significant growth over the coming years. Through a process of continual development and improvement, it is believed each can obtain a significant level of market share. Key to the growth of all these products and services is a focus on delivering flexible, easy to use solutions which offer significant business advantage for clients supported by first class customer service and value for money.