Prior to its launch in 1999, Mike Trezise became aware of a large gap in the market for a specialist tracing service. Coming from a tracing background with a sound knowledge of the market, Trezise set about establishing a team of tracers to service the void. The challenges were to provide an online search facility and secondly to begin purchasing vast amounts of data. The logic was to avoid becoming dependent on third part suppliers and the more data that was acquired internally the more powerful the product. Sourcing the data at the right price was the key the strategy. Ten years later, Tracesmart now has over a billion pieces of information, aggregated from various sources and utilised by cutting edge technology, developed in-house to serve the demanding and growing legion of businesses and organisations.

Success Factor

Tracesmart believes that identifying and clearly demonstrating its values has led to its successful growth. The company is innovative and strives to improve its services. It constantly looks to the future and is aware of new technology, new legislation and current and upcoming trends so that it can offer relevant solutions to the issues clients are facing. The company believes that pooling strengths leads to effective results and meets regularly with clients to discuss their needs so that bespoke solutions can be built to fulfil their aims and objectives. Finally, as data experts, Tracesmart appreciates and values data security and its dedicated IT and technical teams are constantly working to improve and upgrade already highly stringent security protocols.

The Future

Tracsmart’s maxim is to be the best and it continually strives to improve products and services and to keep two steps ahead of the competition. Whilst it has been a battle to do so over recent years due to a lack of resources, the company will soon emerge with new brands and stronger products, further strengthening its position in the market place. With a carefully chosen management team in place, continuous training and development of staff, the objective is to maintain dominance in the areas it leads and to improve where there are deficiencies.