Total Trade Group


The motivation for the start of the company was to create a customer focussed business with the emphasis on customer service in a mature industry. Creating this point of difference was in itself a challenge. To build, year on year, on this foundation has been a real challenge. However, the results are exceptional which demonstrates the correct reading of client and market place requirements.

Our main challenges when starting the business

A major challenge is to ensure that only positive and switched on individuals with an ethic for teamwork are in the business. Change is constant and the speed of change creates a successful environment. It has been a challenge to create business processes which maintain motivation and improving productivity while, at the same time, exceeding client or contract requirements. Maintaining motivation in an industry which has contracted, with competitors large and small failing on a regular basis, has been a challenge. Essentially, the company is looking for its team to deliver more for less and to stay positive, increase service levels and look to the future.

Success Factor

Total Trade heavily invests in its employees, increasing the training budget, ensuring that all staff are aware of and fully trained in aspects on interpersonal relationships and doing so at a time of recession. It is a people business and continues to reap rewards as a result of the focus on people in the business. There is a personal development plan for each individual which are shared during employee one to ones, and the company mentors, coaches and nurtures its staff to ensure that the targets and goals are understood at all levels of the business. Investment in people and people skills is not a luxury but the cornerstone of the business model. The company also has a thorough understanding of clients’ wants and needs which means that their business ideals, ethos and motivations become absorbed into the company. Total Trade looks to create synergies through anticipating requirements and investing in preparations so that it is able to deliver when required. Whilst the company operates in a mature industry sector, a fresh approach and new ideals and ideas has led to success but the leaders believe that Total Trade can always get better at what it does and everyone in the business shares this aspiration.

The Future

There are significant opportunities in market place and the company plans to take commercial advantage of this. Specific areas involve energy efficiency and renewable energy at a domestic level. It has a corporate ambition to be at the forefront of this not just in delivery of the wider low carbon agenda, but in playing a role in shaping the future. This may involve scheme architecture or assisting others in understanding issues that will assist with strategy decisions.