T.B. Davies (UK)


The business was founded on the desire to develop a unique business which seeks to recognise and reward the efforts of all individuals as well as providing the basis for continuous learning and improvement.

Our main challenges when starting the business

It was extremely difficult without a prior trading history to be taken seriously enough by major companies in order to bid for the type of contract being targeted. When the company eventually broke down this barrier, it found many other possibilities opened up - as its reputation grew so did the business.

Success Factor

Innovation, and in particular the heavy investment in state of the art 3D CAD Design capability at a very early stage. This often gave T.B. Davies an advantage over competitors in being able to demonstrate conceptions to clients pre-contract award and consequently give them confidence in the company’s ability. The business also has a strongly focused management team with the determination to succeed in meeting the very stringent demands in respect of quality and delivery of target customers. Finally, access to the right type and level of commercial funding and state aid schemes such as AIG and SIF, both of which have benefited the company and were very critical, especially in the very early years of the business.

The Future

T.B. Davies aims to consolidate all its operations on the new site and move forward with a new range of products. Recent acquisitions have broadened its horizons and the company now supplies product to all parts of Africa, South America and the Middle East. Export business is now expected to fuel the next phase of the business expansion plans.