A Space in the City


Richard had experienced the benefits of serviced apartments whilst abroad and knew that the concept would work in any location that received visitors who wanted more than just a standard hotel room but without the paying extra. Originally from Penarth, he researched the market in the Cardiff area and found that the accommodation sector in Cardiff was in desperate need for an alternative to hotels. The area attracted a multitude of consultants staying in hotels for a few weeks or months at a time. It was also during this time that Wembley Stadium was being re-built and the Millennium Stadium was being used for big events including the FA Cup finals. As a growing capital, new build apartments in the city centre and bay area were being developed at an astonishing rate. Such properties were of interest to those finding themselves in the vicinity working on short-term contracts or visiting the city for holidays, events or weekend breaks. A Space in the City brought the supply to match the demand.

Our main challenges when starting the business

Apart from the competition from hotels, the main challenge was running a business which was so labour intensive, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and thus being available at all and any hour. This was extremely challenging whilst keeping customer service at the forefront but the company worked hard to continue to deliver.

Success Factor

One of the main factors which has contributed to business growth is the regeneration of Cardiff, not only as an up and coming city for business but also as a visitor destination. With the recent development of the St David’s 2 shopping complex combined with an array of sporting events including the Ryder Cup, concerts and festivals spanning the calendar, Cardiff has become a destination of choice for many to visit. Another factor is the rise in the number of people wanting luxury accommodation but at affordable prices. ‘A Space in the City’ offers guests more than just four walls of a bedroom, and combine breathtaking views of the city with all the amenities needed to give both leisure and business travellers a ‘home away from home’ experience. A constant factor is, of course, the hard work and dedication of a team committed to providing a positive experience to each and every guest. The company has worked closely with Cardiff & Co and Swansea Bay Futures to provide input and assistance in the growth of the two cities from which they operate. The company believes that a real desire to provide an enjoyable time in Wales, bringing visitors back is imperative for every single company business in the area.

The Future

The business plan includes the expansion of "A Space in the City" into other parts of the UK in addition to growing the business and the services offered in Cardiff and Swansea. The company has just launched its Executive Lettings division to bring its service level and knowledge of ‘intense property management’ to the traditional lettings sector. Located within the firm’s Bay offices, the Executive Lettings division is in a perfect place to utilise the firm’s standing as Cardiff’s leading serviced apartment provider to offer something different in the traditional letting sector – quality properties with high service levels and an attention to detail yet experienced in the rental market.