Outlook Expeditions


After studying the existing youth expedition market ten years ago, it was clear there was an opportunity to develop a new style of expeditions focusing on quality, both for pre departure support and training, as well as the actual expedition itself. The sole aim was to create a youth expedition company that would rival all others in terms of quality. Where Outlook wanted to differentiate itself was to provide a completely tailor made approach. Schools can choose a destination, the duration of the expedition, the content of the trip and the expedition leaders can tailor make it to suit their specific requirements. All environments are covered from desert to jungle, mountain to sea.

Our main challenges when starting the business

One of the major challenges was letting go of the day to day involvement with the product as the business grew. This included splitting responsibilities between the two founders Matt Wells & Rhys Davies and this was achieved by a clear focus on individual strengths.

Success Factor

Strong leadership, in line with a clear business plan and appropriate funding would be the 3 main factors. However recruiting the right people to the right role with the relevant skills and dedication is also fundamental to ensure business success and growth.

The Future

Outlook Expeditions will continue to deliver quality, tailor made expeditions and positively impact on the lives of participants. From this, Outlook Expeditions will be recognised as the UK’s leading brand for quality overseas expeditions.