Kids at Play


Having worked in the industry for thirty years profit creating for others, Malcolm Evans decided to start his own company because he is just mad about toys.

Success Factor

Its designs are colourful, noisy, and exciting and help children to develop social and communication skills, to challenge their problem solving skills and increase their hand/eye coordination. They are made in factories that have been ICTI approved and have been ethically audited with all workers having fair pay, good working conditions and employee rights. The company has Toy Safety Certificates on all of its products and is able to display the BTHA Lion Mark, a UK quality mark. It also has a 24 hour UK based dedicated customer support team that are always available to assist with assembly instructions, spare parts or replacements. The success of the company is also due to the team - good leadership is a contributor but the skill of each individual accumulates as they feed and learn from each other.

The Future

To return toy manufacturing back to Wales